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One Habit To Rule Them All

I've been pretty obsessed with habits and rituals lately. I've been reading books and experimenting with different habit forming goals and analyzing where I get stuck. 

It's all been a part of my personal Year of Daily Rituals project I set out on when I turned 31 this past April. There shall be a proper update on that soon, but an interesting concept I've been playing around with lately is something called a cornerstone or keystone habit. 

A keystone habit is one habit that can naturally lead to other habits. By doing one thing, like making the bed everyday, you then are more prone to keep the rest of your space tidy. So it's like setting multiple goals without the stress and overwhelm of feeling like you have to do a million things. 

Now doesn't that sound nice? Some other examples might be exercising every morning, meditating for 10 min. before bed, or listing 3 things your grateful for each day.

So why does this work? And how do you know what would be a good habit to start with? Well, in a Lifehacker article, Charles Duhigg lists three characteristics to look out for when choosing a keystone habit. 

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It's All In Your Head: How To Retrain Your Social Media Brain

A few weeks ago I talked a bit about social media. About how it's becoming more and more overwhelming. How it started to become less fun and more of an obligation. How it made me feel more disconnected than connected to what I was doing and those around me. 

So over the past few weeks I've taken a step back from it. Only posting occasionally. Not checking as frequently. Taking the pressure off from needing to share everything. 

And I've been learning a few things. I'll mention more tips in a later post, but for today, here is one of the most useful tips for creating a new relationship with social media. 

retrain your brain

One thing about bad habits that we fail to remember is that we've trained our brain to behave a certain way. We've done something so much that we've created a neurological pattern to keep that habit alive. 

When we go to change that habit, we don't give ourselves the time or the effort to reprogram. 

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