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The Why and How of Staying Hydrated

As a massage therapist, I feel like a broken record when I tell people to stay hydrated and drink more water after a session. People usually smile and nod and say something like, "Oh yeah, I know. I really need to be more hydrated," and then they go on their merry way, business as usual. Dehydrated as usual. 

Now, I'm not perfect at staying optimally hydrated myself, but I do it enough to know that it makes a huge difference in my quality of life and the function of my systems. 

It's crazy to think that water is so simple, yet so versatile. But don't let its simplicity fool you. It is so vital in staying happy and healthy. 

Back in January I wrote a post about how to heal yourself with water that talked about using water in various therapeutic ways during the Winter months. But today I want to keep it even more simple than that. How to enjoy drinking water and staying hydrated and why you should. 

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How To Savor The Summer

If it hasn't felt like Summer yet, 4th of July weekend is usually what seals the deal for me. The sun is out, the lake water in these parts is finally warm, grilling and fireworks galore. What's not to love?

Summer can be so delightful, in fact, that it's easy to forget our Summer self care practices. Celebrating summer through our daily habits is just as important as clinging to our self care practice to survive the winter. 

We always need to be tuning in and embracing what each season brings. It's what prepares us for what is to come, be it joyful or more challenging.

Without further adieu, here are some ways to celebrate and savor our precious Summer months. 

Be Playful

Summer is all about celebrating. It's about reaping the benefits of what we sowed in the Spring. Let yourself have some fun. Schedule it in your calendar if you need to, but receive, dear reader. You've worked so hard. 

What really brings you joy? What is your favorite thing to do in nature? Take this time to get it all in. Remember, life is also fun. Have fun. Play. Flirt. Enjoy. We have extra permission during this time. 

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