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Why Being Stuck in the Middle is a Good Thing

Happy May Day, m'dears! 
May Day is a celebration of Spring, a glorious, but often awkward season. While I've expressed my accolades of the season in a previous post, here's another Spring observation for you and theme for this week's newsletter:
 Embrace the In Between Times

This time of year can be a little annoying. The romance of hibernation has dwindled. Our bodies and souls are in desperate need of sunshine, and we just want summer to be here already. Thus lending Spring to be this odd time of transition. 
But, dear reader, we need the Spring. We need this pause. This twilight season of transition. Because this is when the growth happens. This is when we are given a chance to work through the unknown to set the stage for what's to come. 

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What Springtime Can Teach Us About Change

We are starting to experience the first awakenings of Spring here in Fargo! We're usually a little late to the game, but lately we've been able to enjoy a few days of keeping the windows open, going outside without jackets, and swinging in hammocks in the park. 
Spring is such a hopeful season. It seems like Fargo triples in size when everyone comes out of hibernation for some sunshine. Silly grins cover our faces instead of scarves as we pray the big freeze is over. All is well in the world, but then the next day it's snowing and freezing temps once again, crushing our dreams of greener times. 
This flux in weather can be quite discouraging, especially after the harsh winters of the north, but we forget that it's all according to plan. This is how the change of season goes. A few days of warmth followed by cold. Every year. So why not plan on it? Why not embrace the ups and downs? Because pretty soon the warm stretch of days become longer and the cold days become fewer and then BAM! it's summer time. 

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