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It's All In Your Head: How To Retrain Your Social Media Brain

A few weeks ago I talked a bit about social media. About how it's becoming more and more overwhelming. How it started to become less fun and more of an obligation. How it made me feel more disconnected than connected to what I was doing and those around me. 

So over the past few weeks I've taken a step back from it. Only posting occasionally. Not checking as frequently. Taking the pressure off from needing to share everything. 

And I've been learning a few things. I'll mention more tips in a later post, but for today, here is one of the most useful tips for creating a new relationship with social media. 

retrain your brain

One thing about bad habits that we fail to remember is that we've trained our brain to behave a certain way. We've done something so much that we've created a neurological pattern to keep that habit alive. 

When we go to change that habit, we don't give ourselves the time or the effort to reprogram. 

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Some Thoughts on Social Media

I recently had breakfast with a wonderful woman in town who told me that she's not on social media at all. No facebook page, no twitter account, nothing. When hearing this, my initial reaction surprised me. It was not shock, but envy. 

I was envious of her freedom, or what seemed like freedom to me. No precious time wasted on mindless scrolling. No caring about what you were missing out on. No pressure to curate a beautiful feed that encapsulates a certain vibe. No bombardment of notifications. What a life!

And it was with that reaction that it hit me. My relationship with social media was getting way out of whack.

Now, I do love social media. I've always loved taking photos and capturing moments. Social media is a great outlet for those captured moments, a way to share them with the world. Before, they would just stay files on my hard drive or in boxes of photos.

And I love connecting with people all over the world and staying connected. Social media has made it so easy to stay in contact with family, friends met while traveling or at conferences, and can be a great way to meet new people that you can later connect with in person. 

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