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podcast 9: what to do with overwhelm

There is so much going on, and there is too much going on. And it is so easy to get overwhelmed with all of life's demands and distractions. But feeling overwhelmed doesn't have to be a normal way of life.

This week's episode offers some simple ways to give your overwhelm a hug and let go of what isn't needed.

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What To Do With Overwhelm

There is so much going on. So. Much. With our work lives, our home lives, our partner's lives, our kid's lives, what's on the news, what's on our TV shows, what's going on in books and blogs and magazines, EVERYWHERE!

Everywhere you look has it's own mini-universe with things going on. And then their mini-universe floods into your mini-universe and even more chaos ensues. 

So what to do? I've got one word. 


We've got so much going on, and we've got too much going on. And so when overwhelm takes over, ground yourself with question, "What can I let go of?" 

We humans love to overcomplicate. Love to set unrealistic expectations. Love to celebrate the hustle. But overwhelm can max out your systems, and that leads to physical and mental illnesses, as well as negative impacts on your work and personal life.

But there are always things to let go of. Always ways to be more focused and intentional. You can always bring things back into your life if and when there is the space for it, but less really is more.

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