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Ep. 3.10 You Are Not Alone + Other Summer Self-Care Musings

On the final episode of Season Three, I get to answer some very relatable listener questions about moving forward into Summer with more confidence, more time, and more intention.

I also share some very important announcements about changes to the podcast, my break from social media over the Summer, and my biggest life lessons learned from the high’s and low’s from this past season.

Listen along as I chat about:

  • The power of asking for help and leaning on your community

  • How to practice self-love while bringing that Summer bod out of hibernation

  • How to not to overcommit to social pressures and obligations this time of year

  • How to refuel and refresh and savor the sweetness of Summer

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How to Enjoy the Winter

We've packed away the holiday decor. Our dried out pine trees are lining the streets, sadly waiting to be taken away to their final resting place. And any magic from the holiday season is now a passing memory that we cling on to as we endure until the first buds of Spring. We are now entering into what is commonly looked at as the Bland Days of Winter. But fear not. It doesn't have to be such a depressing thing. We don't have to just power through until Springtime. There is so much take advantage of this time of year, and I’m here to share my top three tips for Winter survival.

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Ep. 2.9 Post-Holiday Self Care

This week's episode is short and sweet and all about how to recover from holiday celebrations and prepare yourself for the festivities to come. Listen to my top tips for recovering physically and emotionally from all of the hubbub and get insights on how to refuel yourself for the fun and/or not-so-fun gatherings to come. 

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podcast 1: what is self care, anyway?

Welcome to the very first official episode of The Simple Self Care Podcast. In this episode, we all get on the same 'self care' page by discussing this whole 'self care' thing. What is it, really? Why should we care? How do we do it?

:: Spoiler Alert :: It's simpler than you think, and it will change your life.

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how to be your own guru

Remember that one actor in that one movie? I just saw it. It's that guy who used to be in, um, one of those hospital dramas I think. And he's got the hair? He's one of my favorites. It's right on the tip of my tongue! Ugh. I'll think of it later. 

Anyway, there's a lot of information out there. A lot of advice and programs and products up the wazoo promising to solve all of your problems. 

It's overwhelming and downright impossible to stay on top of it all and to feel like you have enough. But today I pose a solution to this by asking you a few questions. 

What if you already have everything you need? What if you already knew how to feel better and move forward in the healthy life you are wanting to creating?

You see, you know more than you think. And maybe, just maybe, that guru you seek could already be within, just waiting to guide you along. No pilgrimages or new products or subscription fees required.

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the best self care tip of all time

While self care is extremely personal, today I'm going to give you the best self care tip I can think of when you are in a pinch. My number one go to self care to-do. What I do when overwhelm and chaos strikes, and I don't know what else to do. 

Now, I could go on and on about the scientific data and personal experience as to why this is so important. Why we must make time for it. How much it can do to refresh and recharge your body and mind. How it will give you so much clarity on how to move forward with your healing journey. 

But that would be taking away from its beauty. Its amazingness. Its profound simplicity. So I need you to just trust me. 

And instead I will tell you this secret in just two words.


When you read it, be sure to act on it immediately. 

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