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Therapy. Why You're Crazy If You Don't Go.

Ah, therapy. Going to a shrink. Seeing a counselor. Seeking help. Seeing a man about a horse...wait. Um, well, whatever you want to call it. It's a thing. It's a thing people do. And it's a thing people do that literally saves their life. 

What a powerful and wonderful thing. And yet there is such a negative stigma attached to it. It's only for broken people. Something is seriously wrong. You have failed at life, relationships, etc., and this is a last resort. 

Yes, people go to therapy for all of the above reasons, but so what and good for them, first of all. Second of all, some of the wisest and healthiest people I know use therapy as a tool for success. It's a part of their self care routine, thrown into the mix with yearly doctor check ups, getting massages, and seeing the dentist. 

Our mental health needs maintenance, too. Especially for those of us that are prone to anxiety and depression, which is the majority these days. Don't think you are alone. 

I talk a little about my mental health journey here, but I've been getting back on the therapy train lately, and it's been life-changing. I just love it. 

Still don't believe that therapy is for the cool kids? Well, perhaps these celebrities will convince you!

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