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3 Stretches to Save Your Neck

Neck pain is a thing. And very common thing, at that. In fact, you yourself probably have some kind of neck pain or discomfort. If not, all of the gold stars for you because with today's head-forward, rounded-shoulders culture, it's getting harder and harder to prevent it. 

For those of us that do, I have a solution for you. Perhaps not THE solution, but one that is so darn simple that you're silly if you don't do it. And it can make a huge difference. 

I give you three humble neck stretches that you probably already know. You definitely know them if you've been to any of my yoga classes because I start every class with them. 

Ok. Ready? You can do them right now as you read this. Go.

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Self Care In The Air

At this time last week, I had the wonderful privilege of facilitating a workshop about self care to an amazing group of thinkers and creators at the Changemakers Summit in San Francisco. (P.S. I really enjoy presenting at these types of events and spreading the good word, so please reach out if you’d like me to come to you!)
I've been home for a few days from Cali, and I'm still coming down from the whirlwind travels. Though it can throw off your rhythm a bit, traveling is one of my favorite things. Since I LOVE to travel and have done quite a bit of it, I figured that it might be helpful to share some of my self care travel tips.

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