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How to Meditate Anytime, Anywhere.

Ah, the allusive art of meditation. It seems so simple, yet complicated; easy, yet difficult. And where to start? What to do? Who to study with? Are you even doing it right? 

The topic of meditation seems to be coming up a lot these days. More and more studies are proving the benefits of meditation, and people's personal experiences are gaining traction. 

While this is wonderful, I've also heard that it's left more and more people feeling confused and frustrated on how to adopt these practices. 

Well have no fear, dear one. I am here to clear the brain fog with some simple techniques and starting points. I'm also here to state that meditation is not just sitting and trying not to think. While there are formal styles and disciplines that are worth dedicating yourself to, I believe that meditation can be done anytime, anywhere. 

My meditation practice is very, very simple. Simple, yet oh so effective. Allow me to share with you my two go-to techniques that keep me calm and mindful. 

Breathe and notice. Those are my two key words I come back to when I feel anxious, doing a task I don't like, or craving some meditation time. When you are wondering how to meditate, your mind wanders in meditation, or you are having a rough moment in life, think "Breathe and notice." 

Here's what I mean. 

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