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Self Love Series: Love is All Around

In today's culture, it seems we are constantly encouraged to focus on what we don't have. You need this, you aren't enough of that, you mean you aren't married yet, why can't you find a nice so and so, be sure to wear this hip brand so you can be accepted into this hip crowd of people, hustle harder, you get the idea.

Everywhere we look we are being judged and marketed to. At least those voices are the loudest, and it's hard to compete with, especially for the soft and caring voice of self love and the actual love we get from others.  

As much as I want to say that I've cultivated my self love on my merits alone, I can't. I did and still do my work, but I don't think I truly started loving myself until I opened up to and really received all of love I already had around me.

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