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The Poetry of Self Care

There are a lot of ways to tune into the body, to yourself. I talk a lot about yoga and meditation and bodywork, but what if those ways don't really resonate with you? What if there was a more accessible and perhaps even more profound way to tune in with your deepest emotions?

What I'm hinting at is the power of the written word. The power of taking a pen to paper and being open to what comes out. 

I have my degree in Creative Writing, and I've worked as a freelance writer for years. But writing didn't start out as a skill set to earn a living.

Writing started out as therapy. A way to express myself and clear my head. A way to sort out my thoughts and read what was actually going on with me. And I loved it so much I decided to get a degree in it and use it in professional ways. 

But I always come back to my own personal journal. My own daily writing practice. Keeping writing in that gentle space of creativity, exploration, and personal therapy. No judgement. No editing. 
But life gets busy. I get caught up with writings that pay the bills and other "shoulds," so I'm always looking for reminders to bring me back. To inspire me that writing is such a sweet tool for self care. 

One of those reminders is from my friend Dane Johnson. I joke that he is one of my spirit animals, but it's kind of true. Whatever he's doing in life, be it meditating with monks, exploring the wilderness, having some revelation about the Self, or traveling to new lands, inspires me to follow those same desires of adventure or self reflection. 

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