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What Taking A Break Can Teach You About Self Care

Even when you are quite mindful with your self care, you can still get in a self care rut. You can still max out your systems. You can still lose sight of some negative patterns you've been forming. 

That's why incorporating what I call "big picture" self care things, like travel, dance lessons, turning off your phone for long periods of time, basically things that are separate, but complimentary of your everyday self care practice, are so important. 

Recently I had the opportunity to travel with friends and relax at home with the mister. My two weeks of big picture activities solidified my theory of their importance, and it made space for some very nice revelations. Today, I shall share three of them with you. 

1. step away. like all of the way.

There's something really powerful about getting completely away from your everyday life. About breaking your cycles. 

Lifecoach Tony Robbins does this with his clients by using harsh language and tough love. It shocks the brain and their emotions so much that it can allow them to look at their issues differently. 

I personally don't take that approach, but I agree with the principle. We gotta do something to get away and lovingly shake up our routines so we can reflect back with new eyes. 

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