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How To Recognize Your Own (Inner) Voice

Do you know what you sound like? No, I'm not talking about the sound of your talking or singing voice. I'm talking about the sound of your inner voice. That quiet and wise voice that if you listen closely, will nudge you along and show you who you are and what you need. 

I promise you've heard it before. And that you already listen to it to some extent. But for some reason we tend to discard it, and can get drowned out quite easily by our negative self talk, expectations we are trying to fill, distractions like TV and social media and food cravings, other people in our lives, the list goes on. 

But listening to your inner voice is the most powerful self care tool. It's your truth. Your wisdom. And it can guide you in every decision, from what to eat that day to what job to take to who to be life partners with! 

One of the main things I work on with my Self Care Mentoring clients is helping them learn what they sound like. To amplify that still voice and empower it to keep talking. It is the key to developing a self care practice.

Ok, so how do you know what to listen for? How can you recognize it? The answer is simple, but not always easy. 

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