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Self Love Series: Love is All Around

In today's culture, it seems we are constantly encouraged to focus on what we don't have. You need this, you aren't enough of that, you mean you aren't married yet, why can't you find a nice so and so, be sure to wear this hip brand so you can be accepted into this hip crowd of people, hustle harder, you get the idea.

Everywhere we look we are being judged and marketed to. At least those voices are the loudest, and it's hard to compete with, especially for the soft and caring voice of self love and the actual love we get from others.  

As much as I want to say that I've cultivated my self love on my merits alone, I can't. I did and still do my work, but I don't think I truly started loving myself until I opened up to and really received all of love I already had around me.

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Self Love Series: How To Date Yourself

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror, gave yourself a wink and asked, "How YOU doin'?" Maybe I've been taking too many notes from Joey Tribbiani, but my self love challenge for you this week is to have a spot of fun by asking yourself out. 

Yes, I mean taking yourself on a date every once in a while. I'm not talking about grabbing a quick lunch alone or binging on Netflix when you are bored. I'm talking about planning a nice period of time with yourself full of some of your favorite things. An evening of giving yourself exactly what you need without any expectations of anyone else. No pity parties for being single, no yearning for your partner to do something nice for you, but just doing your own thing just for kicks. 

To recap for you new readers, the first week of this Self Love Series we covered the why of self love, and last week we covered taking a look at not just loving, but even simply liking who you are. So I thought it would be appropriate to now focus on having a bit of fun with it. And what's more fun than dating?!!! (She asks sarcastically.) 

No, I know dating can be fun at times, but the wonderful thing about dating yourself is that it really can be all fun with no awkward handholding or follow up texts. 

If this idea sounds foreign or intimidating or even ridiculous, have no fear. I've created an easy six step process for you. 

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Self Love Series: Do You Even Like Yourself?

If your immediate answer to this question is "Yes, of course!" then you're good. But if your answer is a hesitant yes, a confused kinda, or a flat out no, then let's talk.

Last week we talked about the why of Self Love, why it is vital to your well being. If you missed it, read up HERE. But before we dig deeper into self love, we gotta figure out if you even like yourself first.

What I mean by "liking yourself" is do you like who you are right now? Do you enjoy spending time by yourself? Do you like your habits? Do you like how you treat others? Do you like how you spend your time? Do you like how you talk to yourself? Do you like how you look? Do you like how you eat? You get the idea.

Taking a look at what you do or how you are on a regular basis can give you a starting point for this whole self love thing. If you don't like how you treat yourself or certain habits or traits, transforming them into things you do like can be an act of self love.

Now, there is wisdom in loving all of yourself, despite your flaws, and noticing what you do like is also important, but if you are looking for a tangible way to starting loving yourself more, you can start working with that you don't like or what isn't in line with who you want to be. 

A simple example is that I don't like my habit of watching a show while I eat lunch. I don't need to watch a show, it ends of taking up more time, and I zone out of enjoying my meal and knowing when I'm really full. So changing that habit would be an act of self love. I love myself and my true desires enough to change habits that don't serve me.

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