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Ep. 2.9 Post-Holiday Self Care

This week's episode is short and sweet and all about how to recover from holiday celebrations and prepare yourself for the festivities to come. Listen to my top tips for recovering physically and emotionally from all of the hubbub and get insights on how to refuel yourself for the fun and/or not-so-fun gatherings to come. 

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Give The Present Of Presence

First of all, Start Wars!!! Ok, moving on. I realize that not everyone will be celebrating Christmas this week, but what ever your flavor this season, I feel like this advice applies. 
Some back story. These past few months I've been trying to be on my phone less. I've been catching myself doing mindless scrolling on Facebook. I've been resisting the habit of grabbing my phone when I have some downtime while waiting in line or the like. And I've tried to limit my social media outlet of choice, not checking and interacting on all of them all of the time. 
It's been challenging, but rewarding. It's eased some anxiety. I've noticed my surroundings more. I've had wonderful thoughts and ideas pop in during the quiet moments. But the most important perk is that I've been able to be more present with whomever I'm with, be it the cashier at the store or my best friend. 

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5 Tips For Holiday Season Self Care

In case you haven't been out to retail store or checked your inbox lately, the holidays are right around the corner and you are being bombarded with seasonal sales and hoopla. 
The end of Halloween brings mounds of left over candy, holiday work parties, and family get togethers. This means sugar highs and carb comas and fancy adult beverages, along with end of the year stress and extra money spending and awkward small talk at gatherings. This is a recipe for overwhelm and crash and burn, if you ask me. And will thus distract from the beauty of the season of gratitude and giving and wonderful reunions. 
So before we get too caught up in the holiday season overwhelm, let's take a moment to be more intentional this season. To have a self care plan of action that can us armor against hoopla that doesn't serve us. 

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