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How to Use Your Guilt for Good

I was hitchhiking through the North and South islands of New Zealand one summer, many moons ago. A life coach and his girlfriend picked me up at Pancake Rocks (not as delicious as it sounds, but quite beautiful rock formations) and gave me a lift back to town. They were kind and personable and invited me to stay with them whenever I arrived back in Aukland. 

A month or so later, I was staying with them for a week. I was struggling with anxiety quite a bit at that time and the life coach offered to do some sessions with me to see if we could pinpoint what was going on. 

"Only agree to these sessions if you are really ready to be done with anxiety. Like really ready," he said. I agreed with skepticism, but those few sessions with him changed my life and did significantly decrease anxiety for many years. 

Now the details are a story for another time, but I share this much with you because it was through these sessions where I realized that guilt was motivating pretty much everything I did. 

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