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Ep. 2.3: Grounding into Fall

The end of summer and the coming on of darker days (literally, not figuratively hopefully) in this hemisphere is a perfect time to reset and reground. 

Perhaps you’ve been craving that grounding feeling lately. You’ve been running around all summer, traveling, even quite literally flying in the air, and you are needing more stability and ritual and routine. That is where ‘grounding’ comes in.

Grounding is a popular term in the yoga and healing world. Grounding into a pose, grounding your energy, grounding practices, etc. But on this week’s episode, I dig a little deeper into this whole grounding thing to help you ease into the Fall Season.

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Preparing For Hibernation

The air is getting crispier. The days are getting shorter. And the last of the leaves are falling. The winter season is soon upon us, and it's time to start slowing down and tucking in.

Some of you may live in an area without the traditional four seasons, but you may still be getting the urge to cozy up for winter in your own way. Every region has its own version of the seasons.

So let me help guide you along this seasonal transition. It can be quite a startling one, so here are some ways to prepare and support yourself for the winter months to come. 

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