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To Eat Or Not To Eat? Dealing With Diet Overwhelm

Good day, dear readers. Today I want to touch on a subject that has been coming up a lot in my conversations lately, FOOD! As wonderful as food is, finding the right diet for yourself can be quite challenging and even self-destructive. As I mentioned in my last newsletter about self care for digestion, I'm no nutrition expert, but going along with my digestion theme as of late, I would like to share with you some insights that could help sift through the diet hullabaloo. 

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Self Care For Digestion

We are at a festive time of year where we tend to overpower our bodies with sweets and family recipes. Luckily our digestive fire tends to be stronger this time of year, but it is wise to be extra mindful of our digestive condition and help it do its thing in the midst of overload. I have had my fair share of digestion issues ever since grade school, and I've spent my life trying to find some methods to its madness. The following tips are a few things I've used over the years to combat my own IBS-like symptoms and what I've seen help a lot of my clients with their issues. 

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