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Why Commitment Is Good For Your Health

Perhaps you wouldn't think a life changing epiphany would come while binge watching Fuller House, a revival of the heartwarming sitcom from the 90's, but it did.
No, it didn't come from one of the "life lesson" moments at the end, violin music and hugs and all. It actually came from how delightfully horrible the show is. How despite the poor scriptwriting and unbelievable plot, the actors moved forward with commitment, and it actually made the jokes work. 
As a former theater nerd, I did spend some time contemplating the power of commitment to a joke as DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler recreated a dance scene from Dirty Dancing at a hip club in the heart of San Fransisco. 
My mind then wandered to my recent time in the recording studio, recording a few songs for an EP. The producer gave me some very valuable feedback stating that my guitar playing lacked commitment. My insecurity about my guitar skills were showing through the recording, but when I switched gears and moved forward with confidence, fulling committing to each chord, I nailed it. 
My mind continued to wander to other areas of my life that were not going the greatest until I truly committed. My relationships, my diet, my business, etc. They didn't start to thrive and bring great joy until I took the plunge and committed.

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