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Cold Season Remedies + Soup Recipe!

Oh, the turning of Autumn. It really is my favorite time of year. The crisp winds cool down the Indian summer heat and signals to the trees that it's time for a change. Cozy sweaters and scarves come out of hibernation as we harvest the last bits of summer into mason jars.
But as the season turns, so do our bodies. If you are like me and a lot of other people in my life right now, those seasonal sniffles and coughs are starting to creep in. And just like the squirrels are gathering and preparing for the winter, so must we. Now is the time of nurturing our bodies to hold strong for the winter to come. No matter what your climate is. 
Let me offer you some of my favorite go-to's when I feel a cold coming on. When I hold true to these remedies at the very beginning of my sniffles and coughs, I rarely get a full on cold.

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