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Healing Lessons from 2018 with Artist Nichole Rae

Happy New Year!

How have you been? Have you had some time to reflect on your year? How are you feeling on this first day of the year? Or have you not even had a chance to check in and think about these things?

​​​​​​​Wherever you are at, I've got a special in-between season bonus episode for you to give you a simple framework of some questions and things to contemplate as you close out 2018 and move into 2019. 

And to help me, I've got the lovely Artist Nichole Rae. Nichole is one of my dearest friends (pictured dancing her heart out with me above) who also happens to be an incredible personal healing guide and teaches healing practices on her website We both teach what we've learned from our studies, but even more so from our own experiences.
2018 brought us both a lot of - let’s say wonderful healing lessons, and we thought it might be helpful to share our own journey this past year as we help you with your own contemplations. So take a listen as we share three big questions to ask yourself as you wrap up this year and set some goals for 2019.

Spoiler Alert: We hate New Years resolutions. Also a disclaimer: get ready for some serious Minnesota and North Dakota accents. Oh fer fun. 

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podcast 21: artist nichole rae on finding purpose through pain

Today on the podcast I share with you and delightful and insightful conversation with the one and only Artist Nichole Rae. As her name suggests, Nichole is an artist specialized in mixed media book arts and hand lettering. And she now uses her creative talents to help others cultivate healing daily practices. With her workshops and online guides she teaches journaling and affirmations practices that inspire the creative spirit and connect you with your present self.

I had her over recently to talk more about her healing path and get her advice on how to use creativity as a daily healing practice. Take a listen as we chat about how to declare your daily practice, using your uniqueness for healing, how to spark your own creativity, and finding purpose during painful times.

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