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The Why and How of Self Care

As you can gather, I think a lot about taking care of yourself, and I care A LOT about it. I want to shout about it from the roof tops! I want to hug you and bless you with self care blessings! I want to grab your shoulders and shake you while I yell how important it is in your face!

But I shall take a more humble, write-it-in-a-blog route at the moment and dig a little deeper into why it's so important and some simple ways to get started.

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Happy Feet Part 2

Greetings from the lakes of Minnesota! I hope you all had a joyous 4th of July and are now taking some time to chillax and recover on this fine Sunday. 

As promised, this week is a continuation of last week's exploration of the wonders of our feet. So now that we all have a basic knowledge of the magnificent nooks and crannies of the feet and how we can tend to them muscularly, let's have a bit of fun with developing a foot care ritual. 

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Happy Feet Part 1

Yesterday morning, the mister and I were out on our balcony dreaming and scheming over a cup of coffee, writing ideas in our notebooks. I put my feet up on his lap and then all of a sudden this happened (see photo above). The happiest of feet

Not only did it make us giggle for a good little while, but it got me thinking about the thoughts I've already been brewing for this week's newsletter. Happy feet = happyeverywhere else :)

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