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Self Love Series: So What?

"Self Love" is a term I keep hearing more and more of these days. It comes up a lot as a core issue with my self care mentoring clients, and it seems like every health company and well known teacher is touting its importance.

But what does it really mean to cultivate and practice self love? Is it doing something nice for yourself? Is it going on a diet? Is it giving yourself a big hug? Or is it just another superficial buzzword to get you to buy bath salts?

In honor of this lovely month of February, I've decided to dedicate my posts to digging a little deeper into this whole self love craze. I want to give you some actual tools to help you cultivate some real self love and to tune into all of the love that is already there.

So each Sunday this month I will deliver a sweet little insight into creating some much needed self love. Starting with today!

 As with all new learnings, it's good to start out with the why. Without the why, what's the point of doing anything, really? So what's the big deal with self love? Why even care? 

Well, we will all have our own unique answers, but here are a few ideas to get you going.

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