An Update on Rituals + the November Ritual

On my 31st birthday this past April, I declared my 31st year the Year of Daily Rituals. I have been posting off and on about it on this blog, but it's mostly been off. 

Why? Why, you faithful followers have been wondering? <sarcasm intended since I have no idea if anyone has been following my inconsistent postings about the matter at hand> The reason is this: It's been an odd journey. 

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I set out on this intention. I was trying to keep it very simple with having four rituals to focus on each month. A morning one, an evening one, a personal goal, and a business goal. In my mind it made sense. In my mind it was simple. 

But I soon realized that this wasn't my intuition and inner wisdom setting these ritual goals. It was my ego. It was my logical, unrealistic-expectation-that-nobody-puts-on-me but myself side. It was something that sounded more like what I "should" do. 

It hasn't been a horrible experience, but I just wasn't starting with where I was and am actually at. That place of just opening up to structure. Of finally admitting that setting daily rituals could be a good thing. That it maybe, just maybe could be something that is freeing, not restricting. My all or nothing way went to setting not one, but FOUR rituals to focus on.

Oh, my dear, sweet, little Randi... 

In my yoga classes, I always stress the gentle way of working with where you are, not where you think you should be with your body's ability. And yet here I've been, not practicing what I preach with my ritual practice.  

And so I begin again, focusing now on setting keystone rituals. Tuning into only ONE ritual a month, but one that can have the potential of other healthy rituals to happen naturally. You can read more about keystone rituals HERE, but as we begin November, I am declaring one ritual. One glorious and wondrous ritual to help me start with where I'm at. 

Allow me to reveal this month's ritual. Ready? I call it...


Kinda like November, but with an M and emphasis on the word MOVE. Because this month is all about movement! Get it? I know. So clever. Well it's not that clever because I guess it also stands for mustache-november, and the campaign helps create awareness for men's health issues. But whatever. I'm going with it. 

The feedback I've been getting from my body lately is that I need to move more. I'm lucky that I get to move a lot for my job as a yoga teacher and bodyworker, but I also sit at a computer a lot writing and scheduling appointments and emails and all that jazz. And at the end of the day, now that the evenings are darker and colder, I LOVE to cozy in at home. 

So my dear ritual for this month is to move therapeutically everyday. Be it my own yoga practice or going to the gym or walking the dog, I must intentionally move everyday, and do it enough so I break a sweat because we gotta keep that inner heat going as the outside gets colder. 

I'll be posting my day-to-day with it on my Instagram Story as well as the occasional post on here. But please follow along and join me as we move and groove in MOVEmber! 

Take good care. 

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