a hello + a see you later


Well hello there. Sorry I haven't formally greeted you on this blog in a while. 

It has been a wonderful whirlwind of a time here in the Naturally Randi Kay universe. The past few months have been full of magical moments at my studio, creating new content on the weekly newsletter, spending as much time as I can with loved ones (ok, mostly just snuggling with my goldendoodle every chance I get), taking some time off of the newsletter, and producing new ways to spread the self care message. 

Because it is not wise to do all of the things, this blog was one of the things that went to the wayside. But I have missed it. And I will be back for regularly scheduled, inspiring programming. But not quite yet. 

For those that follow this blog regularly, you may have seen a random onslaught of posts about my newest endeavor The Simple Self Care Podcast. And you may have been thinking, "Huh? Randi has a podcast?" And my answer to that, is yes. Yes, I do. 

I've been at it for over a month now, and it's already proving to be wonderful experience and I'm excited to see how it evolves. If you have taken a listen, written a review, shared it with a friend, or all of the above. Thank you so, so much. It has meant more than you know. 

For the month of December, the podcast and weekly newsletter and one on one clients will continue to be the main focus. So much so that I'm taking a break from all social media, I won't be teaching any workshops. And I'll be keeping my social events to a minimum. I'll also be upping my personal self care game, which will include more personal writing, exercising, and even more puppy cuddles (I'm seriously addicted to be around my dog. Is that weird?).

You see, sometimes the thing that is needed the most is to do less instead of more. So to really hone in on what I'm wanting to bring into 2018, I have to make the space to really see what that would be. And I'm really looking forward to what will fill the space. 

And so I'm signing on the blog for a hot second to tell you a 'hello' and a 'see you real soon.' And to let tell you to get excited for 2018. I'm scheming up some wonderful and helpful resources for you to keep guiding you along on your self care journey. And I'm looking oh so forward to sharing them with you. 

If you do want to keep up with me in December, be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter at the bottom of this page. And then every Sunday you'll get a special love note from me and links to the latest podcast. It's a good time.

I invite you to create your own kind of slowing down this month. It's so easy to get caught up in everything that is going on during this time of merriment (or ba-humbugs), that we miss out on some very valuable time to hit the refresh button and spend some quality time with those that we love. 

Join me in the some hibernation this month, will you? And I'll see you next year. 

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