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Ep. 4.4 Self-Care for Mental Health - Revisited

The topic of mental health is being talked about more than ever. The good news is that this means more solutions are being offered and the shame around the topic is diminishing.

The bad news is that this means mental health struggles are more of an issue than ever. And if you don't deal with it yourself, you know someone who does.

I was diagnosed with clinical depression in my early teens, and I've been on a healing journey with it ever since, with my own mental health and with helping my loved ones and clients with it, as well.

This week, I revamp a podcast episode I recorded a while back. I reconfigured it a bit, added in some new thoughts, and provide a Mental Health Checklist guide for you.

Take a listen as I share:

  • my personal journey with depression

  • how to become friends with your mental health issues

  • how to use your struggles as important warning signs

  • how to create a mental health checklist to ease your triggers

  • what your loved ones struggling with it really need from you right now

  • why your own health is the best way to help the ones you love

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Ep. 4.3 Realign Yourself with Yourself

Do you ever wonder how you got to where you are in life? Overwhelmed. Tired. So out of touch with yourself and your values.

Or maybe how your day to day work and lifestyle got so out of alignment with what you actually want?
It happens. We change. Our situations change. But sometimes not all of ourselves catch up and we end up feeling off, depleted, and unfulfilled.

In this episode, I share my recent experience with getting out of alignment and what I did restore myself back into place. I also share how you can create your own version of this process to help you embrace and move forward with who you are now in every area of life.

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Ep. 4.2 Fall Season Support with Kristen Runvik

While Fall is full of cozy sweaters and pumpkin-spiced everything, it can also be a frenzied time of year as we change our rhythms and rituals.

To help us make sure we are properly grounded and nourished this time of year, I brought back my friend and herbalist and founder of Lagom Body Co. to share her wisdom on how to support your body, mind, and soul during this time Fall.

Take a listen as we chat about how to evolve with your self-care practices each season, the power of getting outside despite the weather, and how to nourish yourself during this season change and even improve your health during this time of year.

We share our favorite Fall rituals and herbal remedies like the magic of elderberry and echinacea. And we talk about why we need community more than ever this time of year and how to create your own group of like-minded folks.

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Ep. 4.1 Breaking the Twitch with Anthony Ongaro

How often to do you check your phone without thinking about it? Have you ever reached for just a handful of popcorn and before you know it, the whole bag is gone?

Our everyday, mindless habits make us who we are, and if we don't stop and break this "twich" we can end up living a life totally out of alignment of who we want to be.

So to help us take a deeper look at these habits, and to kick of Season 4 of the podcast, I have Anthony Ongaro from Break the Twitch on for a joint conversation and creating intentional habits.

We share our individual origin stories for how we've come to preach what we practice and how to break the mindless twitch of habits that don't align with who we are. We dig into how to turn your personal growth and life lessons into a tangible practice, we deep dive into how to turn up the volume on your own inner wisdom, we share the power of continuing to begin again, and we even share what we would do if we knew we would die tomorrow.

It's such a full and fun and valuable conversation, and I know you will get a lot out of it.

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Ep. 3.10 You Are Not Alone + Other Summer Self-Care Musings

On the final episode of Season Three, I get to answer some very relatable listener questions about moving forward into Summer with more confidence, more time, and more intention.

I also share some very important announcements about changes to the podcast, my break from social media over the Summer, and my biggest life lessons learned from the high’s and low’s from this past season.

Listen along as I chat about:

  • The power of asking for help and leaning on your community

  • How to practice self-love while bringing that Summer bod out of hibernation

  • How to not to overcommit to social pressures and obligations this time of year

  • How to refuel and refresh and savor the sweetness of Summer

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Ep. 3.9 Finding Your Freedom with Michelle Knight

Feeling free and fulfilled in life can sound like a distant, far off goal. And sometimes it can sound almost impossible.

But with this week's episode, Business + Branding Coach Michelle Knight of Brandmerry Coaching is here to share with us how close we are to figuring out what freedom means to you personally and how in reach it actually is.

Take a listen as we chat about:

  • building a life around your definition of freedom

  • how to create freedom with wise structure and daily routines

  • the power of simplifying your life and your business

  • the importance of constantly checking in with what you need and how you are evolving

  • sharing your hopes and dreams with others

  • the danger of getting too comfortable

  • and more!

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Ep. 3.8 Overcoming Addiction + Depression with Rynda Laurel

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I chat with mental health and addiction advocate Rynda Laurel who has not only overcome her own serious addiction and clinical depression, but she now educates others how to do the same. 

She even started her own supplement company called VRYeveryday that has blends filled with the powerful ingredients that have helped her heal on a biochemical level.

Take a listen as we chat about:

  • taking the shame out of mental health and addiction

  • how to stand up for your own healing path

  • how to focus on the positive instead of what you lack

  • how to find community while making big changes

  • and more!

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Ep. 3.7 Coming Back to Nature featuring Rodin Lyasoff

The natural world is reawakening this time of year and so are we as we continue to make our way through the transition from Winter to Spring to Summer.

And it's the perfect time to reintroduce ourselves with the nature around us and be more prepared and intentional about connecting with the outdoors right now and in the months to come.

To help get us inspired about making the outdoors more a part of our way of life, this episode features a conversation with my dear friend Rodin Lyasoff who shares his experience balancing his career in the tech industry in Silicon Valley with adventuring into nature he loves.

Take a listen as we chat about how our relationship with nature and the outdoors changes over time, the importance of connecting with the nature that is the most accessible to you and your current lifestyle, how to balance our time with technology and our time with outdoors, and how to always have your adventure bag ready.

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Ep. 3.6 Embracing the Messiness of Spring

The coming of Spring is refreshing and exciting, but it can also be muddy and messy, and honestly a little bit overwhelming.

In this candid, unscripted episode I share with you how to:

  • get unstuck this time of year

  • melt and flow and evolve with the nature around us

  • break the habits of what no longer is serving us from Winter

  • get clear on the purpose of this season so we have something grounding us as we move into the usual seasonal decluttering and cleansing rituals

I also share the evolution and growth of this podcast and some updates that will take shape as we all navigate the beautiful and necessary messiness of this time of year.

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