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Self Care For Hamstrings

One of my dear readers requested a post on tight hamstrings a while back. I wasn't quite ready to geek out about hamstrings with all of you at the time, since I actually have quite a lot to say about hamstrings. But I'm ready now. And you're ready. We are all ready. So let's get to those hammies!

First, let's take a quick look at hamstring anatomy. 

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Foam Rollers: Good or Evil?

I seem to get a lot of questions about foam rolling these days. It is more and more common to see people at the gym rolling out at the end of a workout and a lot of people have them at home. Foam Rolling, or the use of tennis balls, lacrosse balls, and the like, is used to massage out the fascia (web-like connective tissue) that surrounds our muscles and organs and everything in the body. While releasing the fascia is wonderful, people's approach to doing so can be all wrong and can actually cause more harm in the process. 

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Happy Feet Part 1

Yesterday morning, the mister and I were out on our balcony dreaming and scheming over a cup of coffee, writing ideas in our notebooks. I put my feet up on his lap and then all of a sudden this happened (see photo above). The happiest of feet

Not only did it make us giggle for a good little while, but it got me thinking about the thoughts I've already been brewing for this week's newsletter. Happy feet = happyeverywhere else :)

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