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Sell the Jewelry, Save the World? Let's try it.

I have a confession. I'm obsessed with jewelry. Oh, and bags and scarves, too.

Confession number two: I'm obsessed with slow fashion, with being more intentional about my wardrobe and where it all comes from. 

These obsessions are not something I've talked a lot about, or ever, really. I've never felt girly or hip enough to talk about fashion or jewelry. And I feel like I'm still such a baby on my own journey with slow fashion; why should I have anything to say about the matter?

But recently my obsession worlds are colliding, and I've decided to get out of my comfort zone and share it all with you, dear reader. So here we are. 

About a year ago, a friend of mine started posting on her social medias about a company called Noonday Collection. It made sense for her to post about such things. She's a lead actress in a show in Vegas. She's gorgeous. Always very fashionable. And this was something to do while she wasn't performing. 

When I dug a bit deeper into her posts I noticed that it was different than your average company. This company had a mission. This company empowered women. This company changed the lives of people and families all over the world by providing jobs and healthy working conditions. AND their products were beautiful and totally my style. 

Over the next few months, this little voice kept nudging me saying, "You should work with Noonday. You would love this. It would do a lot of good." I would quickly respond to myself with, "I couldn't pull that off. I would sound silly selling jewelry. I don't even like selling things. I don't need the income. And is this company even for real?" 

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Age 31: The Year of Daily Rituals

A little over a month ago, I turned the spry age of 31. A very humdrum number, with it shadowed by the ever-so-defining age of 30. I had a wonderful, relaxing, satisfied-with-life birthday, filled with loved ones, brunch, naps, and cake. But there was a precedent set in my 30th year that I was now left contemplating. 

When I turned 30, I decided to celebrate by creating a "30 While 30 Book List," which consisted of reading 30 books in my 30th year. The list consisted of my reading weaknesses, i.e. classics I've been putting off, books that have been on my shelf for years, books left unfinished, etc. My book review will be posted shortly, but I am happy to report that I did it!

So now what? I felt so accomplished and now there was a sort of goal-driven void. So I thought, why can't turning 31 be just as exciting, filled with reflection and goal setting? How can I spice it up? So I decided to keep with the yearly goal train and have dedicated my 31st year to a different weakness of mine: daily rituals. 

But Randi, you may be wondering, you're a yoga teacher and seem so put together! Aren't you a master of discipline? Why would daily rituals be a weakness of yours? Don't you have it all figured out? 

I'm sorry to disappoint, but the answer is no. And secret, no one has it all figured out. But, I'm more of a free spirit, you see. I'm not defined by rules or schedules or disciplines! I'm defined by being spontaneous, adventurous, easy going! None of this daily ritual business. Or at least this is what I have been.

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The Poetry of Self Care

There are a lot of ways to tune into the body, to yourself. I talk a lot about yoga and meditation and bodywork, but what if those ways don't really resonate with you? What if there was a more accessible and perhaps even more profound way to tune in with your deepest emotions?

What I'm hinting at is the power of the written word. The power of taking a pen to paper and being open to what comes out. 

I have my degree in Creative Writing, and I've worked as a freelance writer for years. But writing didn't start out as a skill set to earn a living.

Writing started out as therapy. A way to express myself and clear my head. A way to sort out my thoughts and read what was actually going on with me. And I loved it so much I decided to get a degree in it and use it in professional ways. 

But I always come back to my own personal journal. My own daily writing practice. Keeping writing in that gentle space of creativity, exploration, and personal therapy. No judgement. No editing. 
But life gets busy. I get caught up with writings that pay the bills and other "shoulds," so I'm always looking for reminders to bring me back. To inspire me that writing is such a sweet tool for self care. 

One of those reminders is from my friend Dane Johnson. I joke that he is one of my spirit animals, but it's kind of true. Whatever he's doing in life, be it meditating with monks, exploring the wilderness, having some revelation about the Self, or traveling to new lands, inspires me to follow those same desires of adventure or self reflection. 

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Eat The Fancy Jam

How often do you feel like you are enjoying life in the present moment? That you appreciate how well your body is functioning or looking right now? That you are savoring each year and each phase of life? It is SO easy to get caught up with all of the things wrong with our bodies. While I do stand on my soapbox about tuning into what your body needs, we also need to be tuning into what we can already do. With most of our ailments and chronic pain, we can still do A LOT and could probably be having a lot more fun with how healthy we actually are. 

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