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Sometimes life happens. Sometimes you have the best intentions, but the world has something else in store for you. Sometimes you just have to let go and focus on what is coming towards you instead of chasing what you think you should be doing

That 'sometimes' has been an 'all of the time' for me for the past six months or so. Right when I think I'm getting in the groove and can focus on some other desires, boom. Nope. Curve ball. And that curve ball hasn't been a bad thing. It's just been taking me away from my online universe that I've been yearning to nurture and grow.

But lately my soft creative voice has been bringing me back. Gently tugging at my pant leg and whispering, "Hey. Hey, dear Randi. I've got some things to say." And I would hate to be rude and ignore such a sweet prompting, so here I am. Back to blogging. 

It has been a while since I've posted something other than a podcast episode on this fair blog, hasn't it. Though I hope you have been enjoying my latest creative endeavor, I will admit that I have missed good old fashioned blogging.

I miss writing. Just writing. Not writing for a podcast episode or an event description or even a shorter instagram post. I miss sharing ideas and insights and stories in the unrestricted form of a simple blog post.

And so, I am hereby recommitting to this corner of the internet to bring you valuable and insightful writings and musings, deep diving into self care and personal growth and connecting with the world in front of you and away from you. These topics give me great joy, and I've missed going deeper with them. 

Since there is wisdom in structure and consistency, (for when these things are used correctly, it creates space for all of the freedom and growth in the universe) I will do my best to bring you at least one post a week. That probably doesn't need to be said, but it does help me stay accountable.

So please, bring this blog back into your regularly scheduled programing. Subscribe to it on your favorite RSS feed reader (I use and really enjoy feedly). Follow my posts on twitter and Instagram. Or subscribe to my weekly newsletter below and get them all right to your inbox. 

And I look forward to re-igniting this way of connecting. Stay tuned.

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