the best self care tip of all time

the best self care tip of all time

While self care is extremely personal, today I'm going to give you the best self care tip I can think of when you are in a pinch. My number one go to self care to-do. What I do when overwhelm and chaos strikes, and I don't know what else to do. 

Now, I could go on and on about the scientific data and personal experience as to why this is so important. Why we must make time for it. How much it can do to refresh and recharge your body and mind. How it will give you so much clarity on how to move forward with your healing journey. 

But that would be taking away from its beauty. Its amazingness. Its profound simplicity. So I need you to just trust me. 

And instead I will tell you this secret in just two words.


When you read it, be sure to act on it immediately. 

No Pain, ALL Gain

No Pain, ALL Gain

In my early days as a Massage Therapist, a big macho male client would walk into my office wanting a deep tissue massage. He would look at my small stature and youthful glow (this is 10 years ago, mind you) and ask if I was capable of offering such a massage with the pressure they required. 

I would smile and assure him that it would be ok, while inwardly rolling my eyes and wishing I could dig my elbow in as hard as I could just to teach them a thing or two about the power of proper body mechanics! 

Though I did take the high road and not punish them with my deep pressure wrath, I did take a moment to tell them that "deep tissue" means getting deep into the tissue, not always using deep, painful pressure.

You see, the body tenses up when it doesn't feel safe. When we push too hard, be it with pressure, while we work out, or just in life in general, it can actually cause us to tense more, instead of releasing and relaxing. 

I see this a lot with stretching, as well. We want to rush and force ourselves into a certain stretch, but that force can signal a stress response and keep us from stretching further. Most of us are more flexible than we think, it's our approach that's the problem. 

Q&A Time! Sharing Self Care, Self Care + Anxiety, Meditation Tips

Q&A Time! Sharing Self Care, Self Care + Anxiety, Meditation Tips

I've had the idea for while now to do a monthly Q&A post, but I wasn't sure if it was something that would be helpful. But after my callout for questions, I was so happy to get your questions and have the opportunity to help you with your self care needs on a more personal level. 

I'm limiting myself to three questions because all of these could be their own standalone post. But the questions that I didn't answer today are in the queue for next month. So not to worry, dear readers. 

And please keep your questions coming. Don't be shy. I love to hear more of how I can help. 

So without further adieu, here we go!

How do we encourage friends or family to invest time in themselves when they are spread thin with running a family?

This can be a tricky one. Most of us have the best intentions when wanting to help our loved ones be happier and healthier, but the danger here is that it often comes across as criticism. And that never goes well. 

Working Through The Healing Crisis

Working Through The Healing Crisis

So you finally made time to get a massage, or try this new treatment plan with your doctor, or even cut out sugar. You saved the money, you've prepped the house, and you emotionally prepared yourself to make a big change. 

And then you go to the treatment, or you give it a good week or so, and instead of feeling better, you actually feel worse! 

While this can feel very defeating and like a waste of time and money, let me suggest that what you are feeling couldn’t be negative at all. It could actually mean you are on the right track, fulling engaging in your healing process. 

Say what?! I know that sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out. 

Now with this, there is a line here that you need to tune in to to determine. You will know if something really isn’t right. But before you automatically jump to that conclusion, there are some other things to consider. 

Make Forest Bathing a Walk in the Park

Make Forest Bathing a Walk in the Park

When was the last time you laid down on a patch of grass? Not on a lounge chair or even a blanket. But directly onto the earth, relaxing as the sun bathes over you and breathing deeply with the breeze.

Ok, if that seems like a weird thing to do, how about simply going for a walk through nature? A place that is dense with trees and grasses and wildlife. A stroll without phones or music or any other modern distractions. Just pure connection with the nature around you. 

We all know that going outside is good for us and when we finally take the time to do it, it's so refreshing. But oftentimes we dismiss the profound benefits of daily intentional time connecting with the natural world. 

If you think that sounds boring, don't worry, the Japanese have turned it into a hip new thing that is now sweeping the nation, and it's called Forest Bathing, or Shinrin-Yoku

The Importance of Nature

The Importance of Nature

Ah, nature. I hope you had a chance to get outside yesterday and celebrate Earth Day in some way. I kind of nerd out over Earth Day and feel the feels when I think about how important it is to take care of this spinning blue dot we call home. 

And so I would like to devote this post to reiterate why it's so important for our health and well-being to connect with nature on a regular basis. 

first of all, real talk about mama earth

As an advanced species that has come to assume we can get whatever we want, whenever we want, we forget that all that we have depends on the health of the planet and its various ecosystems. 

But really, all of the time and energy and resources we have used to build our world could be destroyed by good 'ol Mother Earth at any moment. Just ask the dinosaurs, am I right?

She is a loving, but fierce mama, which is why it is vital to live in accordance with nature instead of forcing it to fit our needs. 

Simple Spring Rituals

Simple Spring Rituals

In honor of this celebratory day of hope and new beginnings, I thought it appropriate to talk about some simple, yet powerful ways to bring in this lovely new season. 

Though most of these you've probably heard of and perhaps have already started doing since Spring rituals tend to happen pretty naturally, it's always nice to have reminders and move forward with refreshed intentions.

cleaning and clearing

Spring cleaning is usually referred to as a household chore, but it's actually a very powerful practice. Winter gathers a lot of stagnant energy. For months we keep the windows and doors of our homes sealed tight as we accumulate dust and clutter and even extra body weight. 

There's nothing necessarily wrong with this, but everything has its season. And the Springtime comes to keep things so fresh and so clean clean, as the hip kids say. 

The actual act of cleaning does more than just clean up the extra dust and grime. It makes space for a new energy. It symbolizes and invites change. And it has proven to help with people's mental and emotional health. 

And Now, Your Celebration Reminder

And Now, Your Celebration Reminder

In my recent observations, it seems that the act of celebrating has taken on the go big or go home mentality. It's turning into an obligatory, big hoopla thing for birthdays, graduations, holidays (that you may or may not resonate with) and other big milestones.

And while I love a good party, and I really do love holidays, what has become of celebrating the everyday victories? Why has it become selfish or shameful or unimportant to celebrate your daily wins and accomplishments? 

I submit that not celebrating yourself and those around you on a daily basis is not OK. For just like I talk about how healing comes in the small, yet profound habits, there is also wisdom in celebrating the everyday victories. 

In a world where we are constantly being told that we are not enough (either by others, the media, or ourselves), the need to pause and truly notice all we do has to become a constant as well. 

If we don't have practices in place to counter the negative self talk and bombardment of not enough-ness, we will find ourselves drowning in the pool of unhappiness. And that is not a very fun pool, as you can imagine. 

So I invite you to take on a "Celebration Practice" of sorts. I've written before about celebration therapy, but here are some more tangible ideas to get you started.